"How to be better at creativity – if you understand the creative process, you will use it more effectively."

This site takes a look at this book written by Geoff Petty. It contains a guide to the creative 'phases', 'mindsets' and thought processes outlined in the book which will help you to understand the puzzling nature of the creative process.

Petty’s ideas are well established in the field of education where his ‘Teaching Today’ is a standard and popular teacher training text. The Fourth National Symposium of Education and Creativity in China recommended only four books for those trying to develop the creativity of their students. How to be better at Creativity was one of them. It is on the booklist of many creative degree courses.

His ideas are now spreading into business, management and other fields. ‘How to be Better at Creativity’ was commissioned by the Industrial Society, and has now been translated into three languages.

This web site has been created by kurtzdesign for Geoffrey Petty author of:
How to be better at creativity -Kogan Page (1997)
Teaching Today - Stanley Thornes 2nd Edition (1998)